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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
well, before you go to a HUGE MILSIM with HUNDREDS of people, you should really go to a small game first and see what its REALLY like.

sure, you can use your .12 ULTRA SONIC UBER BBs, but other people will outrange you by a huge margin. It's not a backyard airsoft with 30 feet engagement range.
Don't get me wrong, I have been in airsoft games with 4-5 people before, and they weren't exactly "backyard battles".

I guess I should have mentioned The BB's in question aren't just Wal-Mart 2-for-1 specials, they are made of a lighter plastic than regular .12gr's, which means the BB is actually slightly bigger which produces a higher velocity by having a better fit in the barrel. Sure, they may not have accuracy that .20gr's have, but they would be better in a CQB firefight having more velocity am I right? I am still going to putchase some .20gr's, I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't be breaking the rules by having these.

Oh, and I'll change the avatar, I must have saved it a couple weeks ago when I was perusing the site and forgot where it was from.
Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
Did he not pay his ASC bill this month?
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