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Mega Airsoft GI update

Sorry to the guys at Airsoft GI I was away the last few days with the military. Better late then never.

Many new exciting products have just found themselves a home on our shelves, and they are anxiously waiting to make their home in yours. First off, we have the very powerful KWC Blowback DEagle, it is a full metal CO2 powered gas blowback pistol with un paralleled kick. From MagPul, weve received the new MOE CTR stock which comes with the butt plate. Also, the DBoy RK12 SLR, a unique take on the CQB AK. Also, for you VFC PDW owners, we have plenty of the 120 round mid caps in stock. Finally, we just wrapped up the Echo 1 MTC and G36c comparison review, its a little more in depth than the video.

Weve just received a new AEG from AGM, the CQB Stubby, which also means our techs have gone too work to make a completely unique custom gun out of it. The AGM Full Metal M4 CQB Stubby w/ Crane Stock is a great lightweight, compact full metal M4 from AGM. This AEG comes with a bunch of great features including a 4" free float rail system, SPR pistol grip, flip up rear iron sight, rear sling mount, crane stock, and a stubby barrel extension. The short barrel extension comes with the AGM logo printed on the side, and for the high capacity magazine AGM has also included the butterfly winding key to make winding the magazine easier. One great thing about this gun is that AGM included a 9.6v 1200mAh nunchuck battery, most AEGs with included batteries only come with 8.4v, but AGM is going that extra step to offer to you a faster rate of fire and longer playing time. AGM is on the road to success with these great new releases and we can't wait to see what they come up with next. Also, Echo 1 has sent us their LR300 side folding and retractable stock. Now your M4 can have the versatility of the LR300 with the Echo 1 LR300 Telescope Stock. This stock replaces the traditional stock and buffer tube assembly for side folding, retractable, sturdy metal skeleton stock. Not only does the user gain functionality from this new stock but it also enhances the look of your M4.

Echo 1 has just developed their high tech gearbox greases. The gear grease is a high viscosity lube designed to stick to the gears even as they are turning. The bearing grease is especially designed to reduce friction on the bearings, this grease heats up and becomes more efficient as the bearings are spinning, basically the more you shoot the better it works. Finally the air seal grease is designed to be used in the cylinder, on the piston head, and inside the air seal nozzle to seal up any possible air leaks and create the perfect seal for maximum efficiency.

We also have in stock a bunch of new flash hiders and gas blocks to customize your M4/M16. The Echo 1 Tromix Flash hider redefines the meaning of 'Aggressive Comp.' No other flash hider can compare to the Tromix in the way of looks. Be very careful when this is mounted on your gun, it is EXTREMELY SHARP!

Last but not lease, AMP has developed a 130 round P90 Mid cap. Do a way with those unreliable high caps that keep unwinding themselves, and those ridiculously low capacity standards. The AMP mid cap combines the best of both worlds, more rounds and reliability.

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