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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
buddy, are you serious? I had both the revolver and the M9 and they worked GREAT.
Seen 3 revolvers so far. Not one of them saw 3 reloads before blowing something internally. Of the 3 M9s I saw in action, the first (full auto)I basically fell apart after a few mags, then the slide exploded. The second (semi only) has had the safeties fall off, and the mag catch break. The third is iffy. Shoots ok sometimes. Auto is erratic because the safeties / selector doesn't work. And the slide cracked in about 10 mags.

So yeah, I'm serious. Maybe other models are more solid, but these definitely aren't. Like I said, their M11s seem to get good feedback, and seems like their Glocks hold up well too.
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