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hi there if your looking to go xtreme tactics has a web site you can always call and see if there is a group coming .. i try and go twice a month or more right now and will be getting my own gun soon my fiance is deaf and plays as well .. and wants two hand guns and a mp5k now .. and we are now making our own custom masks .. just tried to use the alginate (sp?) and messed it up the directions in the box were ment for doing hands arms not for the face so trying it again tomorrow but used plaster of paris strips and seems to have worked well and now just finished pouring the plaster into the mold it is a cool project .. cost more to do than buy one off net to start but once perfected will be cheaper and can do other people's for them
I play with guns and pretend to make war to remind myself and others how easy it is to die in real life, so I honour the sacrifice others make on our behalf even if I do not agree with the policies that send them where they go, so I work to bring them home so that no one may ever forget what was done this and every other day and not to be just swept away as many people wish it would stay.

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