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funny, cause knowing myself, i hate paintball type style. Is it ok with you that i am looking for a high cap because i dont feel like spending tons of money on real cap mags??? (100rnd mags do sound great though)

with my kraken AK i used 6 x 70rnd king arm mags, i did some modification on the mags for my AKS74U, but unfortunately it didn't help. I want to get non winding high cap mags cause i dont want to spend lots money on several real capacity mags. 40 some USD$ for shipping for a box for mags is kind of crazy imo

I am a paintballer also but even with my hicap (its all i have for now) i tend to stop myself roughly every 30-40 shots to ensure my mag is wound which would equate to the amount of time it takes to swap mags and also to be fair to guys who are running locaps most of games we try to stick to a real tactical load and for us newbs with highcaps we ensure we dont jsut sit there and shoot till our spring unwinds
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