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KSC USP Compact System 7 Review

Well nachostheclown had another review on here, and I just got one in so, I figured what the heck.

First Impressions
I've never owned a USP before. I got the compact as I know the full sized is a big frame. Very suprised at how well it feels. Small, but it still fits in the hand good and is quite a good feel. The first thing I noticed overall were the trades. There isn't one KSC Company trade on the thing. As it should be. Everything is just like the real steel.

There is no ambidexterous safety. So this is a right handed shooter. Thre great part of this model is that it has a metal slide. So it has quite the heft to it! I had to check to make sure the receiver wasn't metal as well as the paint is quite good.

Comes with the normal tools and ultra tiny bag of BB's. It also comes with a plate for the mag, that doesn't have the extended tail on it.

A few drops of silicone on the valve and I'm ready to gas her up. I decided to just jump right into propane on this guy. Load up the mag with a full charge. And get ready. I let the mag warm up for about 45 seconds. Raise it up and release the slide. After firing the first shot I was incredibly happy. It was loud and a HARD kick. VERY pleased. The metal slide sounded fantastic. The sound was satisfing and sexy. Shooting it faster I had a bit of cooldown, mostly because I went out into the un-heated garage.
I've only put one mag through it. I don't know the accuracy or the FPS, but I do know that it is one of the best pistols I've shot. Quite impressed.

Can't really think of any right now! The trades look great, and most are filled it correctly. Sights are non-adjustable, but do have the night site dots on the back. So I guess that could be a con.

Final Thoughts
A great little GBB. I think it would be good to game. With a couple accessories when they come out, it would be a fun little piece!

Well that's all I have to write. Thanks for reading!


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