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Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
If you shoot real steel, Ayoob has some good stuff to offer. The videos by Tactical Response lack the fit and finish of the Magpul Dynamics stuff, but the mindset offered there (and the quips from Yeager) are honestly some of the best shooter-developing building blocks out there.
Yeah, but the Yeager DVDs are $100 a pop, total about $300 to $400 for this complete set. Which is why the Magpul Dynamics DVDs are so appealing. Right now I'm investing in a couple of items before the speculation of a supposed "ban" on high capacity magazines or even semi-auto rifles gets enacted. Because $400 can be well spent on items that might be "banned", whereas DVDs and training material will always exist.

Other than obtaining literature/training media, which Ayoob is great for, I personally would love to attend a carbine class ran by Yeager, Chris Costa, Travis Haley, Pat Rogers (EAG Tactical), and more, but too busy, lack of time. Hopefully I'll have enough accumlated paid leave though.

For real-steel shooters, Pat Rogers is definitely a no BS guy, he also gets to T&E a number of new rifles and accessories. For instance the new TangoDown mags, and LWRC, Daniel Defense, and S&W rifles. And is a frequent writer/author of multiple articles in SWAT mag:
(Great topic, that details what parts fail in a carbine course.)

It's quite a long read, evolved into a ask Pat Rogers (EAG) post, but off the top of my head, in no particular order these were items that were documented to have broken/worn:

1.) Bolt Assembly (Extractor, Extractor Pin, Extractor Spring, etc.)
2.) Firing Pin Retainer
3.) Gas Rings
4.) Trigger Disconnector

Now does that mean its limited to those items, absolutely not, those were just what I remember from what Pat and others mentioned as to what failed in a carbine course. Underscoring this was the need to have good reliable magazines as well, and keeping the AR wet, dripping wet.

Thought this would prove interesting for the real-steel shooters here on ASC, or those planning on taking a carbine course:

Page 24 of the What Breaks in a Carbine Course? (
Critical Items for a Carbine Course:
- Quality LPK
- Replace springs as needed (trigger, hammer, disconnector)
- Lube on the hammer/trigger springs
- Correct buffer
- Blue loctite on grip screw
- Properly staked castle nut (and possibly loctite as well if you prefer)

- Properly staked gas key.
- Quality mfg bolt.
- Serviceable extractor, extractor spring
- Blue locktite on any screws for BUIS, optic mounts, etc.
- Spare batteries for optics
- "Bolt locking lugs generally have detactable cracks by 5000 to 10,000 rounds and may break at some point between 10,000 and 20,000 rounds".

- USGI w/ magpul followers
- Lancer mags
- Always bring plenty of spares.

- Quality ammo, try to get ~1K-1500 rds down the tube before a class.

Slip 2000, CLP, Mobile 1, vagasil, etc:
Keep It Running by Pat Rogers
( - copy & paste)

Spare parts:
Spare bolt, carrier, springs, etc. A spare rifle isn’t a bad idea either.
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