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Hey guys, sorry I didn't see this thread come to life again.


There are developers from Regina that *want* to turn this building into condos, but at this point is does not look like it will happen. I believe they are a few years to early. Saskatchewan is slowly waking up and there has been a lot more development here in the past year then previous years, however, this is still small town Sask. They do have to presell 27-28 units before they begin reconstruction.

I do not think it will fly this time around, however, it very well may happen a few years from now.

I think it may be time to start setting up the next *Big* game in the Hospital here for mid summer maybe. I've had many players from all three provinces play here...some driving 9+ hours and I believe they all thought it was well worth the trip, at least I hope that's how they feel.

My current project:

I am in the middle of planning my next project that is happening on May 9th at a outdoor site in Sask that will hopefully be well attended. I have brought together 6 of the best game planners from Alberta, Sask, and Manitoba to write and plan this event. The website for sign-ups will be out soon.

Stay Tuned!!
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