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Originally Posted by arman View Post
so i made this sig in photoshop and apparently it was to big.... ok so i reduced it now it looks like shit but anyways i started looking at other peopls sig and noticed that a lot of them are bigger than mine! ok cool so i post in their thread that they should reduce their sig...... nothing, heres 1 of the links.. the guy isnt verfied or even a contributor....

maby for the people that pay for this site we should get some kind of kick back....maby go after the non payers first???

i put this in the noob tank cause i dont want to hear anything dumb, if you have nothing to post shutup....(unless your a mod)

im just a little pissed cause im new to photo shop and now i need to make another sweet sig....
Few errors in your thinking.....

1) Your not a newb, you were around when the signature rules were first put into place and posted as a news announcement.

2) It has been said several several several times on this forum that non mods/admins need to stop trying to mod/admin ASC if you see something you have a concern about, use the report a post feature at which point a mod/admin will review and if required take action.

3) Yes you may have donated to the site to help keep it running and growing, but that all it is a donation. Its not a repetetive payment that you are required to do. The site owners are the ones who are continuously paying for this site, them and well now the retaillers who are paying for ad space and advertising rights. As a site supporter your perk is posting in the offtopic/trash sections, which IMO should just be deleted period, so theres your perk.

It's funny the one guy in your link you commented too is so close to the rule size I'd overloook it honestly, but there was 3 others you completely missed who posted before and after the one you commented about, hence the reason we say to use the report a post feature.........
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