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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Your tag is this size:

You're allowed a graphic upto this size (512x100):

You shrunk it too much, or I'm guessing it was proportionally the same and you reduced it to fit the 100px height so now it's tiny, but I can see how it would have been way too high before.

Pro Tip
You should design your sig based on the 512x100 aspect ratio. You could enlarge the three figures in the sig by cropping them a bit higher (there's no need to show the entire torso, you could cut it mid-chest). Also the center (foremost) figure, as badass as your headwrap may be there's two other shots of it there, you could afford to chop the top of it off. Then move the signature over instead of having it right over the gun, so it can be larger and more legible.

As you play around with it, I'm sure you'll find other interesting things you can do.
In addition, he could lower the center image if he must have the head wrap in frame.
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