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Originally Posted by Ming_the_Merciless View Post
Big +1 for Magpul Dynamics!

Considering that the average price from a carbine course is between $500 to $1000 USD, its amazing that they are just charging $40 for around 3 hours worth of material, separated on three DVDs.

Moreover, I personally like Travis Hailey's setup, with the Redi-Mag + BAD (Bolt Assist Device), I am really hoping they'll roll with that fast, Magpul, and start offering it. Though I've seen some people already making their own BAD, too bad I don't have access to a CNC machine or something. I would love to T&E the BAD on my AR.

Can't go wrong, again for the material, no BS, 3 hours, price of $40 is just a steal.
If you shoot real steel, Ayoob has some good stuff to offer. The videos by Tactical Response lack the fit and finish of the Magpul Dynamics stuff, but the mindset offered there (and the quips from Yeager) are honestly some of the best shooter-developing building blocks out there.
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