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Originally Posted by skalnok View Post
i bought the we meu off him, ended up selling my TM hi-capa because i liked the feel of the WE better, the kick wasnt as crisp but it was harder and the gun was actually much more accurate... and apparently they have been made to be alot more resilient than WE's older 1911 models which had a tendency to break
Yup I vouch for that too, I held it as well. (Skalnok you should really wear some gear other than the jean jacket or at least rip it up to look like a terrorist :P)

I've used a TM MEU and the only difference between the WE MEU and TM MEU is just efficiency and the body. I am unsure about the longevity of parts at the moment.

WE MEUs are definitely a step-up from the previous WE models but it seems the efficiency factor still needs to be worked out. Though nothing a new blowback unit can't fix.
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