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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
AEG motor whine essentially defeats the purpose of muzzle silencing and I've never heard anything good coming from insulating your mechbox. The benefit of sorbo padding your mechbox is really nil in my opinion. Too much risk for not a lot of gain.

On a curious note, the gun that I find is the most quiet is the Tokyo Marui Socom Mk23 NBB. The slide is fixed, so it doesn't move to make sound. The suppressor that comes with it is extremely effective insofar as I have engaged the enemy with it and taken down two of them before they realized they were under fire.
I have a mk23 nbb and the things whispers with the silencer. Hard to place too. Something else that might interest u is an actual silencer on the barrel. I had one on my m16, and it changes the exit sound of the bb making the shot harder to place. However, that doesn't change the gear noises etc.

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