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Originally Posted by PaddMadd View Post
one thing I want to know before i really decide on this thing: is it ilegal to buy it without clear markings or is it illegal to alter the markings? a decent metal upper and lower reciever would look awesome with this thing, however I want to make sure that everything is legal.

if by markings you mean the trades theres no law prohibiting it except maybe the copyright of the companies but when on earth is that company gonna know and sue you? lol

and as for metal receivers, there costly here in canada because you just ant import one like that, tough sells some but there the same price as the jg gun your showing there so... 250 for the gun, 250 for a metal body? mhm.. maybe waiting and getting higher quality and full metal construction might be your choice, its all up to you...

EDIT: P.S. my friend has bought one of these its quite decent for its price as jg is getting better in QC and its 100% tm compatible so if something breaks go right ahead fix it, bt not as good as the big name brands.

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