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I heard about this last weekend and groaned. I've tried and failed over a dozen deepfire parts.
The only part that's done well for me is the titatnium tooth piston but as stated above, many others have had problems with it.
I'm sure that given some time, they'll improve just like the chinese clones a few years ago but for now, I wouldn't touch one with a ten-foot pole.

I own one, infact I have onwed 2. I have the DeepFire M4 CQB 7" and I got a second one not too long ago with some improvments. I don't post I like to just view the forums but I felt a need to post today even though this is old.

The first version DeepFire I bought back in Sept 08' had a desert dry gearbox and loose selector. 30,000-40,000 rnds through it and I had not a single problem. The switch was still loose to. I sold it not long ago. The sights are amazing, perfect. Then body is lighter then KWA, CA and G&P and yet feels stronger. CA bodies are soft metal. Yes I have owned and used them all. DF is an underdog company.

The hopup SUCKs as does the unit. They tightened the selecot switch, greased it up the GB. Things are gritty at first until you simply wipe it away. I got a review on arnies of my first deepfire. The body is plain, but feels like pure aluminum.
I have a review on arnies.
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