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Get AV'd and then you'll get a look at what's out there. Even though the Broxa is a great starter gun (I have one), 90% of players will want to upgrade it once they start playing (like I did). Well, once it's upgraded to what you want, you've spent just as much as if you bought the one you really want off of the classifieds.

I really don't think you can do yourself justice to just go out and get a cheap gun because it's cheap. But if you like the style, and it gets you in the game, well, whatever works for you.

Don't get the Lycaon, instead go for a Broxa or Kraken- both great upgrade platforms, and they can both be gamed right out of the box.

And if you get AV'd, there are JG M4's, G36's and the like for $300 or less. Better quality guns are up from there. But even if you get a cheap gun, you're gonna be spending something on it to upgrade it at some point, so pick the body style you like, and if you don't want to be bothered to upgrade it, then you're just gonna have to fork out more dough!
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