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Originally Posted by sushi_boy604 View Post
I'll definitely get a first hand experience. I really like the slides that the Glocks come with. Is it true that if you get the slide, it makes a even better clacking sound?
Don't think the G19 is a small pistol, it's not.......... ok, compared to a 1911 or a MK23, sure it's small.

And yes, makes a better claking sound, but for fast double tap use, I find my stock KSC G19 (yes, I have a couple of them) with the plastic slide, enhanced recoil spring guide and propane................ retardedly fast cycling! Like 2-3 rounds per second if you can keep up with it. Is the beaty of the short action the Glock offers, and also works great at close in shit when you need to get in and get out around a doorjam for instance, you can double tap a guy before an AEG can even spool up to shoot at you. I do it often, really baffles other players actually.
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