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Again from my KJW M9 elite, the mag leaked chronicly, I was lucky to have it shoot .2's out to 50 feet and the accuracy was horrible. It never did break I have to admit.....however it never really worked all that well either.

Once I switched up to .25's the accuracy got marginally better but range was still horrible.

My KJW 1911 was the same, heavy, worked but range was horrible and the accuracy was also horrible.

I now have a TM P226, sold my first one and kicked myself as I was so impressed with it's performace I ended up buying another.

My KSC Glock 17 and the 19 I had were hands down better then either of my KJW's both in performance and accuracy.

I think lupo you many have been one of the lucky ones. I can say my experiences with my KJW's are not one of the few as there have been many reviews found that mirror them.

As I posted in my reply it was based off of my opinon ( IMO ) and perhaps the newer makes are better?
My Buy/Sell Rating.

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