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Originally Posted by Cortexburn View Post
If your wanting durability avoid both.

Performance on the WE is O.K. but they have more issues then they are worth (IMO), KJW's are compete crap, performance is ( from all that I've owned) garbage.

Now if you just want something that looks good in a holster.....then maybe a WE or KJW.
I owned a KJW m9 elite (full metal) and it was by far the best gbb I owned.
It was the last Gbb I had. I have owned a WA 92fs , KSC g17 , g19 a WA single stack 1911 and a 4.3" infinity SV. The KJW was the most accurate most reliable and had the fewest problems. I did a few small mods on it when I got it and never had a problem with it.
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