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Originally Posted by ru7hl355 View Post

does anyone know if the JG bodies got updated? i just recieved a replacement body(plastic) and it has a tab at the top of the upper reciever for the RIS rail to slide over so it doesnt wobble :S

anyone else got this tab, dont want to break it when i swap the body over so any tips are welcome

edited with pics

also noticed the numbers on top are coloured, my current bodies aren't

Personally I dont recall their being a tab on my upper, although there could may have very well been one and I just didnt notice. Installation shouldnt be that difficult. Transfer your mechbox to the new lower, and remove your front end and transfer it to the new upper. It should be fairly straight forward installation.

Originally Posted by PaddMadd View Post
Since I've seen all the reliability issues with the real M4A1(including the dest dome by HK on youtube) I've really become a fan of the 416. one question on my mind though, where do you pick those bad boys up at?

(not asking to bend the rules, just wanting to know where to go when i'm verified.)
The original 416s brought into Canada last year were done by that of an user and not a retailer. Unfortunetly at this time I am not farmiliar if any current retailers on ASC have them instock, that will be something you can look into once you are verified. I do recall one being sold in the classifieds just recently, with luck maybe there will be another for sale.

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