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Forum Suggestion!

I noticed first of all there isn't a suggestion thread haha.

Well I was thinking for the sugesstion that since ASC is such a big community now, I think the community base deserves a bit of eye candy =D
Meaning a new forum skin.
I'm not talking about those crazy cg gamer forum types, but like a web 2.0 type simple, effective, professional and more exclusive.

I just google imaged forum skins and here a few examples:

Yes yes, I know... those aren't exactly web 2.0 but you get what I mean.

And most importantly, I'm not just talking here, cuz I'm an avid user of photoshop and I will be willing to fully create this skin or part of it, and help implement it too.

I think with a nicer look on the forum, the stay on here will be more pleasant as well!

Thank you very much for your time.
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