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Thanks a lot for the info Kuro_Neko and Erennert. I believe CA will be the way I go when I decide to get a higher quality gun. However it all depends on what I see available and how much I have available to spend at the time i get av'd (600 would be doable but so would 3-400). For a first gun 400 or so seems more feasible but then again quality usually does = money

I like the idea of quality externals AND internals, however, I don't mind upgrading or learning to upgrade as I am new to aegs only ever shot crapsoft. This might be a reason to go with CA haha. Thanks for the bit(s) about the mags as well. I tried finding a magazine compatibility thread with not too much luck. Seeing the price for a g&p makes me think that might be a good route to take also.

Those g&g's are still looking fairly good but knowing a non-clear gun is just a month and a bit away and 100-150 dollars more than a g&g makes it seem like a better option. Although some of the g&g's seem like great starter guns. Hmm
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