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Declaring airsoft MP5s as being for CQB only is basically a myth. In the real world, an MP5 with its short barrel and lower velocity 9mm pistol ammo will ALWAYS be outranged and outperformed by carbines and rifles firing higher velocity rifle ammo out of longer barrels in long-range engagements. That goes without saying. The MP5 is really a CQB gun and it fills that role quite well.

In the world of airsoft, the playing field is a little more level. A mechbox is a mechbox. The mechanics are identical whether you're using a full-size M16 or an MP5, and everyone shoots the same 6mm ammo. A lot of the variables that make the MP5 a CQB-only gun in the world of real steel don't apply to airsoft. The only real difference between a full length rifle or carbine and an SMG is barrel length. When you consider the effective range of most AEGs is 125-150 feet, the extra barrel length of an M4 or AK over an MP5 is pretty insignificant. A well tuned MP5 with a tightbore barrel and a good hopup can be as effective and potentially have greater range and accuracy than a stock carbine or rifle.

And I agree. Start with an AEG before a GBB. A pistol is a backup weapon only. And stay away from WE 1911s. There's a good chance you'll be wasting your money on a $200 paperweight once it breaks shortly after getting it. WE 1911s are prone to failiure, completely proprietary and incompatible with any other brand of 1911 parts. And there are no WE replacement parts readily available should your gun break down. It's an attractive budget gun being all metal, but has serious potential drawbacks.

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