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Buyairsoft have a spotty reputation at best. A lot of people here have had first-hand bad experiences with them over the years. I've personally dealt with them a couple of times buying air guns (not airsoft) and have always gotten speedy service and got what I ordered very quickly. But when there's a problem with your order, they tend to not be very responsive.

And as stated many times, airsoft is an 18+ sport. Some fields will allow 16+ if a parent is also in attendance PLAYING with you, not just giving consent. Some private games will allow under 18, and that's the host's perogative. But in Ontario, it's strictly 18+ and there are rarely exceptions.

As for AV, your parents can't get AVed to buy you a gun. If the admins find out a parent got verified and is buying guns for their kid rather than themselves, they will revoke the AV status.

And yes, VA is great to deal with. While I have't bought from them directly, they've gotten nothing buy praise from the community.
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