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Originally Posted by ccssneo View Post
Wait i was looking at the weapons on Cabelas. Is the JG or Pantherarms M4a1 really 420 fps and the kraken is only 300? or is that lies?

The panther arms m4 is a jg Right?
Originally Posted by Amos View Post
none of those companies chrono their shit right.

Some of 'em use .12, some of 'em use .25

The worldly standard is accepted on .20 BB
It's right in the line they got 420 with .12s.

& yes Amos is correct in that the stuff there isn't worth the price, even if the price is low.

& last note they only cut and paste text and info the manu's provide. They don't test all the gear themselves and write up the bumpf in their catalogs.
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