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Man. You're a pretty hardcore kid. I never had to pay for braces, well probably cause I didn't need them. I never had to pay for my glasses at least (free lenses, 50% off frames from my health plan). I'm also partly on my parents dime for university (they slightly subsidize my education).

What you should really looking at is paying for school, trust me it's not cheap at all. I'm barely making ends meet as it is ($500 for books, $1000 for housing, $1000 for food plan, and $2500 for tuition yep a good $5000 in the first month of this semester and that's not counting things like beer and other incidentals), and I'm being subsidized by my parents. Plus I just pissed away my paycheque to pay for some "incidentals".

Financial security first then airsoft.
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