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a small battery SHOULD get you through a whole game. (5 ish hours) as long as you dont use the old "spray and pray" shooting style. at your first game (and every game really) you should be picking your shots and firing in short bursts.

the reason i say short bursts is for a couple reasons. think about it. you have a series of electrical and mechanical parts running beside your ear. if the other guy calls hit are you going to hear him? not likely. more likely he gets hit by three more shots and then lights you up. also short bursts are easier to control.

the one thing i can not stress enough for new guys is NO BLIND FIRE! i know things get intense and you do it without realizing it sometimes. (i know, ive seen me do it) but it is a big no no for a lot of guys

i should warn you that you are bound to suffer some harassment. mostly harmless teasing but some guys are downright hostile to new guys (especially ones under 18) cant for the life of me figure out why, but they are out there. dont let it get to you. prove your mettle. get out, get dirty, get kills and have a good time.

its one of my personal favourite things to see a veteran ragging on some new guy that ends up killing him in the first few minutes of a game.

but i digress. keep your head on strait and you'll do fine. make sure you dont start worrying to much to have fun tho.
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