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Interesting Feature

I have never tried it with a TM 1911 as I never owned one... but one very interesting feature I find with the TM MEU is that it does not require a Tanio Koba Slide in order to put on Hicapa slides. It seems to have better racking and the bang and recoil is noticeably louder and snappier than the MEU stock slide.

It shoots BBs just fine with a TM 5.1 Slide on the MEU bottom and a 4.3 also fits too.

The look of a TM 4.3 and 5.1 on a MEU looks so sleek and sexy. I am not saying the TM 5.1 Hicapa is not sexy.

TM MEU = Slim curvy Supermodel
TM Hicapa = Bodacious booty supermodel
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