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Originally Posted by swatt13 View Post
rifle - this is up to you, but either an m4, ak, or g36 are excellent weapons, upgradable and versatile (stick with tm, ca or star)

I'd like to expand on this:

The reasons for these weapons are quite simply there are many variants of each ranging from CQB short to Sniper long and have a lot of accessories and Magazines available. Also, there are more vests available for the M4 STANAG magazine than any other style, followed by the AK and G36 variants.

With the AK and G36, you can get side folding stocks (or under folding in the case of the AK) which turns a full length barreled rifle into something easily manipulated in CQB without changing anything drastic about the weapon.

The M4 has the unique ability to completely swap upper setups in under a minute, so you could buy a cqb barrel/inner barrel/hopup and have a spare upper to mount it to, so you can go from Indoor CQB to Outdoor Field without having to open the mechbox or unscrew anything. Pop one pin and change the uppers.

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