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dont waste your money on a pistol. get your gear and a good rifle. a gbb is usually never used and for show, bragging rights. they do come in handy, but youll likley not find yourself in thopse positions until a little later on when you progress as a player.

stuff i reccommend alll my newer members
vest - go with phantom (pantec) they are the best out there. go with od as it works with everything and you wont need to buy a new vest when you change your camo.
bdu's - im a big fan of multicam as it is very versatile, works well in almost any environment.
boots - these are important, i reccommend magnums
eye wear - obviously, i prefer ess shooting glasses, some guys like ess goggles.. anywho, i reccommend ess
rifle - this is up to you, but either an m4, ak, or g36 are excellent weapons, upgradable and versatile (stick with tm, ca or star)
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