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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Those clear spring shotguns aren't bad.

They're a direct clone of the old Marushin (or Maruzen.. I get them confused alot) system.
I can agree to that!

When my battery died and my GBB was acting, a friend offered me to use the painted wal-mart shotgun and it was one hell of a springer, maybe I should do a review on it.

Although clear they are easy to use and great to manueveur in CQB especially the nonstock verison. They shoot above 300 FPS on .20 and have a slam fire. Mags are super cheap and you can easily replace it with another shotgun.

Best feature is that how many you pump the shotgun is how many BBs it loads to shoot. Although 3 bbs is the best you should shoot it at, anything more and it would be a nice spread up close but after 15 feet it goes all over the place.
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