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This gun worth it?

Hey everybody, I'm looking into getting my first gun this spring and i came across this. I've been reading a lot of threads on this site and it is very apparent tokyo marui is a great brand. My question more so is about the price. Im fairly certain for the amount im getting and the upgrades in it that it would be worth the money. As I stated earlier this would be my first gun and i dont know much about cost and such things yet. So I dont get flamed as well, yes im of age. Turned 19 Feb 3rd and I'm in the process of getting age verified. Just need to set up another date with Amos. Ok so here it is.

Toyko Marui M4A1 base
Guarder C7 Metal body
G&P 11.5" aluminum outer barrer
G&P Knights RIS system with olive drab rail covers
Classic army crane stock with 9.6V 1800mah battery
Kingarms suppressor
Internal gearbox contains upgraded steel gears, reinforced piston, ball bearing spring guide, M100 spring, upgraded nozzle.
G&P metal Aimpoint replica
Few magazines
Red dot
Now he's throwing in an M203 grenade launcher too.

all this for $700

Any info would much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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