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Originally Posted by zone 69 View Post
Its easyer to find Internal parts for the G&G.
But assuming the ICS mechbox is the same as their nice metal guns, you don't need to replace as many parts out of the box in the ICS. Every single G&G gun I or people I have known have owned have screwed up internally while stock. From crappy pistons, gears, cracking bushings, melting wiring, chipping or cracking metal bodies I just hate G&G. Also the only parts in an ICS that are non-standard to normal armalites is the hopup, cut off lever, mechbox shells, and some nozzles don't work well in ICS guns. Everything else is standard ver.2 compatible.

G&G Cansoft guns come with metal uppers though, the ICS Cansoft are totally plastic receivers.

If you want a nice gun, get a real full metal ICS. If you are buying Cansoft, get G&G and cross your fingers.
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