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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Don't do this: bring a 600mAh battery to a full day's 6-8 hour game and expect it to last the whole day. Yes, people have done that. If you only have small capacity (<1000 mAh) batteries, bring two or three. Otherwise bring two.

Other people will have some, it's OK.
I disagree. I had one 1000 mAh battery for the first year, and that's all I'd use. I went two full day milsims between charges sometimes.

If you have a good gun and aren't of the type to think that FPS is everything, a small battery would be fine.

Also, not sure if this was said or not: make sure you check your fire. You don't want to be lighting guys up in the face at closer range when you could have just controlled your muzzle and given them 2-3 to the thigh/shoulder/chest. They'll feel it there, but you won't be risking a tooth injury to the other person.

That being said, if you do make a mistake, apologize when you can but don't beat yourself up about it, everybody makes a mistake once in a while, just don't make them a habit and you'll be fine.
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