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First time players... usually spend all their time worrying about their guns.. and not enough time worrying about themselves

make sure you are ready for the environment

you are in BC .. and its winter.. RAIN GEAR .. gortex .. dry boots .. extra socks spare dry foot wear. 2 pairs of gloves .. thin and thick
layers of clothing.. a hat .. 2 hats

food and water... lots of water.. at least 3 liters.. snacks and extra water.. enough to share ( best way to make friends .. offer a snack to someone )

Batteries charged and ready.. magazines loaded and ready .. gun case ..

BBs .. again enough to share ( another way to make friends .. )

Finally.. Listen.. ask questions.. DO NOT hang around the edges.. Introduce yourself around to EVERYONE .. tell them you are an new player and are looking for help to get started.

ASK someone if you can run with them .. and listen to them

In the safe zone .. be safer than everyone else.. always make sure your weapon is pointing in a safe direction .. even if the barrel has a cover on it.

Dont touch anything without asking.. but touch as much as you can after asking.

As a young player.. a lot of people won't have much time for you.. but behave well and respectfully and soon you will be welcomed by all.

Some people will welcome you.. some people will treat you like a "kid" ( you will hate that.. but you will get over it )

Don't try to prove you are "mature" with words.. its deeds that count.

If you are sensiteve to Mosquitoes.. get some after bite .. make sure you are covered up .. and bug juce.. but you will get bit.. deal with it.. its an out door activity ... the bugs live there and you are filled with what they need to eat. DON'T mention that you are worried about bugs.. shut up an deal with it.. you DO NOT wat the be labled as "the kid afraid of bugs"

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