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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
If you can't have the money to spend a 300$ gun, you think you are actually going to spend 300$ on metal body? Why?
Why not buy a quality gun like a CA where it's full metal, any you save yourself some money. Your parents are actually going to spend 600$ + shipping for you to buy an airsoft gun and a body that costs the same as another gun? PLUS, the amount of money for internal upgrades and all?
You must be one lucky kid.
I actually pay them in advance plus a little extra, than they pay off the credit card with that money after they purchace the gun. I work very hard to make the money, so at $7.00 an hour, I figure its worth it. Although student pay is at something like $8.40 now I believe, Im not afraid to work extra time for the gun.

As for the metal body, I will be paying for it when I am 18. My parents have nothing to worry about there.

Im just trying to do this the way that allows me to play as soon as I turn 18, and the way that allows me to upgrade my gun to my needs. And also the way that doesn't end in me "breaking every rule in the book." I know there is no real book, but there is what ASC frowns at. Just tell me when Im going about something the wrong way and I will try my best to right that wrong.

EDIT: As for kalnaren's idea, I've tryed that, and my dad said no. He said I have to do this the honest way BUT he will get the gun for a father son project. Seeing how this is our first one, I think this will make for a great project for us to both enjoy.
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