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Originally Posted by hot_shot under fire View Post
Actually, I believe there are metal bodys on But I have read some really bad stuff about them conserning shipping. I probably will not buy a metal body until I am 18 and have access to the buy and sell section. Simply because its easier and there are plenty of trustworthy people here.

Thanks for the advice everyone. I will keep up my reserch on both the guns.

And notom66866, I will look up the C8 on 007 airsoft.

If you can't have the money to spend a 300$ gun, you think you are actually going to spend 300$ on metal body? Why?
Why not buy a quality gun like a CA where it's full metal, any you save yourself some money. Your parents are actually going to spend 600$ + shipping for you to buy an airsoft gun and a body that costs the same as another gun? PLUS, the amount of money for internal upgrades and all?
You must be one lucky kid.

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