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Originally Posted by notom66866 View Post
Ya just received and email from the whoever does customer service at BB Bastard, he told me that $35.99 was a great price and I should go ahead and get it at airsoft parts as he could not match their price. Well I will save my $15, but I will make future purchases with BB bastard. I really like a company that makes its cusomers needs a priority. Good job guys.
That was me

I buy chargers and batteries in small quantities, hence my prices are higher on those items and I get those ones out of the US. I suspect the ones being sold by are direct from HK in larger quantities. As it is I am getting out of the charger and battery biz as they don't move very quick and take up inventory money I could be using for BBs, which is really what my specialty is. I retailed batteries and chargers at a time when nobody was bringing them in but the retail times have changed and I am just going to focus on my core products which are the BBs.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend many of the good retailers here on ASC. People don't generally realize what a pile of work it is, and it seems like there are now a solid core of them - when I started retailing BBs most retailers didn't last longer than a couple years. The few exceptions are guys like MadMax and Illusion. Now it seems there is a more dedicated group trying to make a business of it as opposed to university students doing summertime retailing. To my mind, this is good for me, even if they do compete with me on BB product (hey, I'm the BASTARD! stick to guns and parts guys!) but with the availability of CANsoft/Clearsoft and greater and better availability of AEGs, the sport is growing, and thats good for ALL of us.

Thanks for the good words. I always do my best to make sure the customer's needs are put first.

Originally Posted by notom66866 View Post
I know I was so impressed that they didn't try to bull shit me that I ordered 4000 .25's from them right after. But thanks for the info. I do find $10 bucks for shipping a little steep though.
Go for 4 or 5 bags - it only goes up to $11 or $12 after the 5th bag. I Xpresspost everything in order to make it trackable and that unfortunately has a base cost associated with it. I've also attached the CP quote I get. Add the cost of the bubble wrap mailer and my gas to the post office (I add roughly $1.50 to the mail cost of the package for that) and its around $10, plus or minus a few cents.

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