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ICS M4 SIR internals what to buy help (formally "G&G or JG")

Ok, first off, I would like to say that I myself would not be buying the weapon. My parents would be buying it for me. Now, befor you all go crazy and say "We don't support this and never will", just hold on a second and read on.

Once they recieve the weapon, I pay them back the money, and they keep the weapon locked away in the gun safe. Me and my father would work on it. The only time I would be in contact with the weapon is when working on it, and when test firing it. It would not be classified as my gun until I reached the age of 18 and had my licence.

The whole project would be under close supervision of my parents at all times, and no illegal actions would take place while I had the weapon. This project is strictly so when I turn 18 I will be abled to game the weapon ASAP so I will not have to wait an other year to play airsoft.

Next on the list of before I start is this is not a "What gun is the best" thread. This is a "What is a better upgrade platform weapon" thread. Also, I know that this topic should be in the "Guns descution" forum, but I feel its best off here for my own safety.

Now onto my main topic. Right now, I am having trouble deciding weather I should invest in a JG or a G&G airsoft gun. My plan is to have my parents buy the weapon when I am 16, and for two years, I upgrade it and customize it to become something like a C7A2.

The base weapon I was thinking of would be either the JG M4A1 from (I know, I know...). Or the G&G M16 carbine from (Once again, I know...)

Now before the comments start comming saying "if you're not 18, than no gun" and usually followed by "+1" posts start comming. I want to say that I will NEVER game the weapon before I turn 18.

Anyhow, moving on.

I was wondering what would be best to make into a C7. The M16 or the M4? The M4 has the same basic internals and externals as the M16, but I would have to buy a whole new barrel and front half of the gun. I would also have to get some new internals. The M16 on the other hand has the rough length of the C7's inner barrel. I would only have to upgrade it to look like the C7, and also mabey install a new hop-up, gear box, inner barrel and/or a new flash hider. I would also have to buy a new stock.

The only other questionability would be that of the quality of the externals. The M16 has mostly fiberglass externals while the JG M4 has plastic externals. This may be a no-brainer to go for the G&G, but is the JG better to go with simply because it may be easer to install a metal body? Or would it be best to stay with the M16's fiberglass body because its lightweight. The only con to this is that it may shatter like glass if smashed right.

What do you recommend? Any other ideas on what base gun to use? Is it worth the money?

Thanks in advance.

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