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If you're not a retailer than you don't have too much to worry about unless you're known to break the rules on a regular basis :P

It's their job to monitor the importation of controlled items into Canada, they have to enforce the law so they are on here But whatever's in the country is out of their interest unless the said items are showing up in the media being used in crimes, well than here comes the RCMP

I called up the CBSA office @ the airport here asking a few questions about controlled items, right after that a shipment I had from HK was inspected thoroughly and it cleared fine

Originally Posted by Rumpel Felt View Post
May I ask why we have age verified CBSA personell on here?....if we do.

I know we don't want to appear to hide anything but still....if they're just out to tear down our evil naughty hobby of responsibley playing with toy guns in good fun, like aren't we just bending over?

If anything, they should have a list of AV'd active members with a clean history and let them import airsoft stuff.

It's just so....ridiculous, that we are hammered the way we are for simply playing a game in good fun. Like really, this community is of no danger to anyone. We do our own thing. I know there's shit heads out there loking to get on here, but we seem to be able to weed them out more efficiently than ever.

Again though, the blacklist must be huge by do they get around to checking any of the non-blacklisters?
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