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Originally Posted by AS92-RD View Post
Worse, now the trend is wearing girl jeans.

I honestly haven't seen or felt much negativity from ASC members towards me or other minors. Darklen and TCLP have been a help so far in regards to local advice but I have yet to attend an event of any sort. I find it annoying that I can't use the classifieds but I don't mind cause I can get AV'd in just over a year.

I think it's a necessary precaution especially with the fragility of the sport here. Think of the bad light it would shed on the community if some 16 year old R-tard went and shot an airsoft gun at homeless person or something stupid like that and they found that he got the gun from someone here. Or worse, he blames this community for "inspiring" him to do it or some stupid shit like that. You'd be surprised what people will do to try and stay out of trouble.
Thanks man! But The biggest thing a new persn can do is source out there local boards and make it known where they are from on ASC . It prevents alot of flames and allows others to point the "new guy" in the right direction. And local boards also tend to be a lot less uptight. my 2cents.
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Imagine ads for semen restaurants. I can see it now... "Come to Seminal Sam's, where you can eat loads without blowing all your wad..."
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