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Originally Posted by T_A_N_K View Post
If it makes you feel any better, the majority of all of those who joined, some 07's but mostly 08's and up are just as retarded and immature as 16 year olds. Being 18 you can get an airsoft gun, whether people will play with you are not is a different story, which is highly dependent the standard you hold yourself to. 17-40+ you cans still be an asshole and immature. I'll take the 17 year old that's respectful and eager to learn anyday.
+1 T_A_N_K. I have never seen a trend in the age of poor players. Personally i have always found the younger people in some sports quicker to learn and actually listen to advise from older people. Give advice to your 30 year old teammate and see how often they take it without being offended. Then again I am 28 and I know everything dont I?
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