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maybe my opinion might be insightful..I was here before I was 18, with little to no knowledge of airsoft legality. Or rather the

I got flamed, a bit, it stung, but whatever. You must be much like me. Because I grew up with a strong sense of where our generation is lacking. I was also blessed, or rather cursed, with 3 other things. I chose music that was easily misinterpretted, I have a religion likewise, and a poltiical standpoint much the same. So when I'm so critical of the people my age, i wasn't surprised to see the people here doing much the same. So relax man.

This is their game. They spend hundreds, thousands of their salaries on it. You and I already know the other stupid things our generation does. Why the hell are we going to give them airsoft, so 'beef' could be settled with bbs!?!

And those of you who want to know why you can join the army, but not drink at 17. That is hipocritical disposition of the world my friend! Hate it, laugh it at it, acknowledge it, but you're not seeing a revolution any time soon. i don't drink, and looking at people my age, and the way they do, I get dissapointed when I see them drinking anyways. I can't stand to bare that these people will help me control the future of a powerful 1st world nation.
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