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Yeah. I went on ASC for awhile before I actually immersed myself in the world of airsoft. Of course, everyone had their stupid moments, but then I read up on the FAQ's and other rules pertaining to airsoft and its fragility in Canada. After I read up, I asked some questions to expand my knowledge to get a understanding how airsoft is around Vancouver etc.

Sometimes, I really dislike people my age. I often ask myself why 15-18 year olds are so ignorant and quick to jump to conclusions without reading up on their shit. Like everytime I read a thread pertaining to backyard games and random stories about underage kids fucking around with airsoft guns, they make me want to hit them over the head again and again with my AEG. But then, i thought better of it. If they want to get shot, then go for it. But that won't improve the situation of airsoft that we have in Canada.

You guys should check out youtube and search up "kids airsoft". Makes me rage everytime :P
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Everyone needs a hobby.

Airsoft is still cheaper than cocaine and plus I dont wake up naked in the woods anym....actually no that still happens with airsoft.

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