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I don't have a problem with younger players, provided they prove themselves through deeds, not words. I prefer not to jump to any conclusions simply because someone is under 18.

And technically, ASC itself has no problem with younger players. Only individuals on ASC has problems with younger players.

When dealing with official rules, the 18+ rule is limited to buy and sell, not hosting and playing. Some people like to blur those two together, but that's a misrepresentation of ASC policy. If a host wants to allow minors, that's their right and we don't have and will not make rules against that right. And so far, all the inclusion of minors I've seen have been done in a controlled manner. Minors aren't getting free passes, but must prove themselves first and tight scrutiny. Besides, people who don't like minors can always opt not to play games that permit minors.

At the same time, we will slam stupidity regardless of age, whether it's a bunch of 12 year olds who want to do a backyard battle or a bunch of 22 year olds who want to do the same.
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