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I too, am curious about this supposed list. How does it work? It does sounds pretty whenever you are put on an offical government list they are to notify you, no?

The specifics of it just don't seem logical. Exactly what is blacklisted? Your name in full? Your address? Addresses can change.

I have siblings too. What of them? The only difference would be the first name.... So the list would start flagging them too? That kind of infinges on their freedom just because I tried to import some risky things. And if it's not that specific, the list is moot because I'll just slap my 12 year old brother's name on the package instead....

Phil_Black makes a good point too. Most of the stuff seized is probably going to people who didn't really know it couldn't be imported and just thought it was trivial stuff. The list would be quite lengthy and if everyone on it was to always be checked, their would be no time to check anything else.

There should only be a list for people caught importing serious drugs, serious weapons and truck loads of dead Taiwanese prostituites with hollowed out chest cavities filled with drugs and guns.
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