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I recommend a small toolkit with the tools to take apart your aeg. Not much is needed, but it is better to repair your gun on the field than either sitting out or heading home early.

I usually carry around a small kit of: Phillips, Flat head, Torx screwdrivers of various sizes, good needlenose pliers (big and small), duct tape, electrical tape, extra screws and springs, a knife, flashlight and other various stuff i thought would be helpful.

Mine came in handy once, when the two screws in my handgrip stripped and my whole grip witht he motor came off! So, realizing that there were 4 holes in the bottom of the mechbox (2 now stripped), i used my knife to mark on the grip where 2 new holes would be, and then used a torx driver as a drill and made 2 new holes in teh grip, and then screwed 2 longer screws into the unstipped holes, and voila! I was back in play in about 15 minutes of sitting in the sand (while some players just thought i was nuts). It was much better than going home, and it held for the rest of the day. (after, i re-tapped all 4 holes to larger diameter and used all 4 holes for a rock solid grip)
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