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Originally Posted by ratatuoille View Post
shut up atlest shelled pants is helping me all u guys were gangin up on me just for askin a question
Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
why'd you have to go and spoil the fun shelled
While I understand why you were flaming him: Without providing any answers, to him you came across as mean and just as uninformed as he was. He asked a question, lots of people replied, no one answered his question. But he kept asking it. He may have been a douche, but answering questions is how the forum came to be.

Ratatuoille: Next time use and our own search engine on the forum to read up on this info. If you don't find it. Keep looking. -Then- post a question -once- in the newbie tank in your -own- thread. Most people don't like having a thread hijacked because it makes searching for their own problems later on hard to find in the search engine.

For instance, people looking for info on king arms will get this thread in their search engine, but the title is and they'll skip over it. Then the vicious cycle continues. Best of luck.

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