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Guess they are checking. Can't spell either.

Welcome To Airloft Services!

(Thanks for all the free hits ASC! Amos your so observant!)

Located in Canada's capital we offer Airsoft items and provide Canadian and international shipping on all of our products.

Our goal is simple, to provide the best customer service around with the lowest Canadian prices anywhere. We pride ourselves with our high level of communication that we share with our clients and are always happy to answer all questions and concerns that may arise.

Promoting quality products at affordable prices is Airloft's way of supporting the new and old within the Airsoft community. The age of bad customer service and hiked prices are over.

All of our products are fully tested, proper instructions and service manuals are always included. WE DO NOT SELL Airsoft products to any person under the legal age of 18. All products are new in box and unused. We do not deal with "Real Steel" parts or components no exceptions!

They better hope they have the bandwidth cause there are enough ASC users to put them over their limit.

And I laugh at their no right-clicking warning. Bwahahahahahahaha!
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