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Tokyo Marui - Colt 1911 MEU


Personal Review

Owning the TM 5.1 Hicapa and now seeing how I have a MEU in my hands it is great.


First thing you'll notice is the grips, they feel nice and better than the plastic feel of the Hicapa 5.1 and step better than the previous 1911.

You would think a slimmer mag would mean a slimmer hand grip on it compared to the Hicapa. But I do not feel a big difference. You will notice you can wrap your hand around it better but not by a long shot


All ABS hard plastic makes me a bit sad since the Hicapa which at least has a metal middle frame. But nonetheless a flawless gun great for those who don't care about bling and want the bang

Kick Factor

This one feels a little more crisp than the previous 1911 and but compared to a Hicapa it seems to not be as snappy and to me it seems like the MEU is farting compared to the bang of a Hicapa


Superb, absolutely superb. When I shoot the Hicapa I notice a slight wobble when holding with two hands while the MEU seems to not wobble as much when I shoot. Giving a nice snappy kick back but the recoil seems to let me keep the front sight straight without any noticeable wobble.


Hands down right out of the box MEU Novak sights are superb. Although it does not have the white dot. My target aquiring for the sights is wonderful. I can quickly draw my MEU and easily see my sighting without having to adjust as much as I do with a Hicapa


The new magazines slip in like a charm. You cannot be a baby and just plop it in but you really have to give it a quick push up to get it in. Over time I assume it will be easier to slip in. Although I am unsure but I believe I just have to "break-it" in for the mags as they seem to not always cycle through all 28 rounds


Using VA .20g BBs

With my Hicapa I had to adjust the hop-up to get it to shooting perfect. As for the MEU I did not have to adjust the hop up and yet I got a similar grouping to the Hicapa at my 30ft two hand test.

Of course the MEU grouping was not as tight as the Hicapa but thats without hopup. So you can imagine a tighter grouping once I adjust my hop-up to perfection.

Although this won't replace my current TM Hicapa 5.1 but if I picked up the MEU before the Hicapa I think I would have been anchored down to the MEU.

My only grief about the MEU is that the gas storage is not as great as the Hicapa. But during each shot when the mag is full it was said that the MEU has had a more consistent FPS rating (Justpistols Review)

Battlefield Experience


To fill in some space for now:

For reader addicts I'll just say
During my basement shooting escapade. Pop cans don't stand a chance
- Pistolero Steve -

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